So this is an app I found while scrolling through the Play Store like I usually do. This is a couples app and me and Josh really like it, unfortunately we don’t use it anymore or at least not as often. I’m pretty sure that App Store has it too.

We used it for about a month. I liked a lot of things but there were a few major flaws that made me inactively use the app. I didn’t like the vibration because I could never hear it. I tried changing it all and nothing did it for me. Also I didn’t like the fact that it didn’t save the messages if you have a bad/no connection and it didn’t show properly when it did have a bad connection. So many messages did get lost when I was travelling to somewhere.

I do like everything else about it, the calendar, the widgets, the lockscreen, the stickers, the style of the emojis, the to-do lists… everything. As you can see most of the functions of the apps. I guess I should tell you what each function is good for and what I like them so much.

  • First off the calendar. I did just like the fact that I had it there and that I could share everything with Josh, there isn’t much else to it really.
     We couldn’t really use it but it was nice to have it there and I’m sure if we get closer or start to live together this app and this function will get a lot more usage.
  • Next thing I really enjoyed were the widgets. I did use the small widget where you can see your lovers pic they choose but the bigger widget had more to it (I needed it to be as small as possible). The small widget took you directly to the chat part of the app but with the big one you had a couple of options. You have the option to call, chat, nudge and add a thing to the list also you had an option to have just the app logo as a widget but this was the least appealing to me.
  • Next thing is the lockscreen.  I used it for a bit but then ended up changing it back to the regular one because I do love the regular lock screen the most. I just have never used other lockscreens and I’ve never liked them but again I’d consider using it when we meet because of the call option (calling from Estonia to USA is a bit too expencive).
  • Another feature I really loved was the love letter feature, this is something I’ll probably keep on using as long as we have Couplete installed.  We didn’t use it that much but when we did then our letters were long and meaningful.

All in all I think I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars because of the few things I didn’t like. They’re enough to take down a full star because it started to disturb our chatting. So I have Josh’s opinion now and he only said good things, he didn’t go as much detail as I did but he liked it.

Hope you enjoyed,