Today I want to write about a few things, I should’ve done it yesterday but I was a bit too sleepy.

The day started off with me and my cousins going to the cinema to see Inside Out.

I have mixed feelings about the movie, I did like it but then again it isn’t what I really expected. I mean

I hoped that you could see more of how the emotions evolve. You did see it but for me it would’ve been much more interesting if it would’ve happened when Riley was going through puberty because I think that there are more emotions they could’ve played with.

I understand that it’s meant for children but I think it would’ve been even more interesting for them too. I don’t know what my cousins thought of it. I hope they liked it because I was the one who convinced them to see it.

A few hours after seeing the movie my mind changed a bit, I did start to like it more but recently I haven’t been liking cartoons in general… I didn’t like the minions that much and I also didn’t like this, which is  a pity because I wanted to like it, I really thought that the idea is good. I just couldn’t buy it. Maybe if they made a second movie then I’d like it more, meanwhile I have to accept the fact that this movie wasn’t anything that I’d watch again.

The other thing I want to write about is the concert I went to in the evening. It was insane and I felt really out of place there but the next time I’ll go prepared. I really liked the concert but I had to leave early because my anxiety started to fuck me up. I’m pretty sure my friends (who actually are here in Tallinn) were disappointed but then again they haven’t been very supportive with it anyways, I could’ve killed the anxiety with some of the alcohol that was passing around in our group but since I have work today then I didn’t even consider to drink it because I didn’t want to go to work hungover..

The people on the concert were heavenly for me and I felt like a peasant but despite that I could enjoy as little as I spent time there.

I think that’s all for now.
Ann :3