I was supposed to post my summer summary on Tuesday but since my room still isn’t done then I thought I was going to finish it when my room is done but now I’ve been doing so much that I need to add a lot from September too… Busy life…

Now for this year’s summer summary. I don’t remember much from June but I have so many notes about July and August.

In July I went to the American Beauty, I’m not sure how many pictures of that did I upload but I do have quite a few up on my Instagram account. This was definitely my highlight of the month. I really enjoyed the concert and I’m sure that next year I can enjoy it even more and we actually have a group of people we can go there to.

My highlight for August was definitely meeting Jess also the fact that we started renovating my room. Actually August was my most eventful month of summer, I hope next summer will be as eventful as my August. I’m actually already planning new trips to different parts of Europe and around the world too. August was also the Booktube-A-Thon month and I did pretty good for my first time. Also I surprised myself by being able to travel alone. I had so bad anxiety but I did it and I spent amazing time with Jess.

IMG-20150824-WA0006Here’s a proof that we actually met 😛

I’ve never enjoyed travelling so much. It felt like I’ve arrived home and that usually doesn’t happen. It was so nice, I do feel at home here in Estonia too but England was even more home. I’m not sure if it makes sense but to me it does. Even mum said that England is my country and this is something new considering the fact that she is all about living/staying in Estonia. I guess she is making an exception for England ^-^

Now what have I been doing during the first week of September?

Well, I’ve been slowly but surely moving into my room, I’m actually finishing it today so when I finish I’ll write a post about that too. I’m pretty close to finishing and I’m so excited for that. I want to bring in as little as I can from my old room but we’ll see what stays or what goes.

Also since the beginning of September meant the beginning of school then I’ve been trying to adjust to the new people… I’ve made a few friends but I feel like I’m too antisocial for high school… dunno if it’s true but we’ll see. It’s actually really scary to think that I have only 3 years left of school :/ I don’t really know how that became a thing but it did…

I think that’s all for now, hope you enjoyed.
Ann :3