I’m not even sure if you want to know about it but this week has been my first week of school and I mean like the actual week where we studied.

I think I kinda survived, I didn’t have any major emotional weirdnesses during school which is good because I hate if I have to fight with myself during school.

There were a few things that surprised me though. It’s actually kinda silly. I’ve always seen the students in high school being so big and smart but as I look at myself or my other classmates it doesn’t feel like it at all. Even if I look at the students who are 2 years older than me. I don’t see that adult like behaviour. It’s kinda silly because I know that now I just see things differently but the same time I still kinda worry about it. Again I know HOW silly it is 😀 but I still worry about it secretly.

I honestly have been enjoying studying. I hope I can make up the small holes I created last year because I don’t want to fail high school. I still have a plan of finishing with an IB diploma (I hope the stories about the amount of studying isn’t true). I mean I’ve always enjoyed to educate myself, it’s just the fact that I don’t like the things they usually teach us ( I know it’s a bad situation but shush).

I also have found a few friends and I think I actually might end up having some friends in Estonia after all… I still strongly doubt in it because even my long term friends don’t seem to want to stick around so eh… but I’m ready to take whatever comes on my way.

That last part made no sense… oh well… I hope you enjoyed this little post.
Ann :3