I have to apologise again for not writing or reading. I’ll try to catch up soon. I shall explain some stuff though and I definitely will let you know what happened during this week.

So this week has been pretty hectic but luckily I survived, mostly thanks to Karl.

I had visitors over from Spain. They lived with us for a week and we did quite a few things, luckily my marks didn’t suffer as much as I thought they would so I should be fine.

They arrived on Tuesday at 1 am. I’m actually still surprised that I was able to wake up at 6. 45 the next morning because I hadn’t slept properly on the weekend (which was amazing but that’s a story for another time). We didn’t talk much on the first day but oh well, I guess we were both shy.

I kinda worried whether she understands me or not because she didn’t talk much. I think that if I hadn’t had Karl then we wouldn’t have been talking on the last day either. I tried to talk to her but she didn’t answer me at all so at some point I gave up.

After school on Tuesday we took her to Kadriorg. To be completely honest with you I have no idea whether she liked it or not because she was still really quiet but I did really enjoy it so it’s ok. We fed the ducks and were all cute and stuff 😉

Wednesday was quite a long day because they arrived at 9.30 pm, luckily I had all of that time with Karl so we hung out in robotics which was pretty cool but I didn’t feel like I was geek enough to be there :’)

On Thursday we went “shopping”. You can’t really call it shopping since most of the time we were standing in the middle of the shopping centre. Luckily for me it was a time of socialising with my school mates so I could make new friends.

The last 2 days are quite confusing to me because up to this point I was so sleep deprived (I still am) so I didn’t understand what really happened… lol

All in all I’m just happy that they’re gone and it was stressful but cool to have them. Next time I just hope I can host my friends or something.

Sorry for the short and mistakeful post. Hope you still enjoyed and I hope I have more to write about soon.
Ann :3