So today was a pretty cool day. I really enjoyed the day. I spent it with my family. I don’t really know what else introductory to say so I’m just going to start off with explaining what exactly we did and where we went.

Mum woke me up and I was pretty grumpy because no one likes being woken up… but after 5 mins I was up and almost functioning… We went to get some stuff from the bakery and then we were off to a spa. I kinda did and didn’t enjoy it. I wish mum had listened to me, it would’ve been so much better  as a girls night but it was also cool as a family day. It was nice to relax but I couldn’t really fully bring my mind into it because I was busy missing a certain someone ❤

After the spa we went to have lunch in this tavern which was on our way back home. It had a really nice atmosphere and the food was amazing.

Then we got home and I wanted to do something so I told mum that we should go see a movie and that’s what we did. Of course during that time Karl managed to come to my place so that kinda bothers me now. I feel like I may or may not have hurt his feelings but I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

Anyways about the movie I’ll tell you tomorrow because now I’m gonna fall asleep.
Hope you enjoyed 🙂
Ann :3