So here’s my promised book review. I don’t praise it that much but I do have a lot of good to say about that book.

First off I’m going to post some background info and my star ratings and stuff like that and then you can go ahead and read what I thought of it. After that I shall tell you about a readathon I’m planning to do.

My star rating for the book was 5 out of 5, mostly because of the ending and also the way it was all tied together in the end but I shall not tell you much more because the rest is for the actual review part.

So this is his first book he wrote but the second to be published. They said it was too grotesque and that it won’t sell that well but after the success of Fight Club they gave Invisible Monsters a second chance and now we have this amazing opportunity to read it. It also has a revised edition titled Invisible Monsters Remix and a graphic novel by a comic artist KGZ.

So what are my thoughts about the book? While reading I had a lot of love and hate relationship with this book but in the end I ended up loving it. I really liked the way the story was brought together in the end because at first when I didn’t like the book as much I just thought it was confusing and boring but as the book progressed the more I got into it. The characters were tied to together and in the end it was just a huge knot and it came out of nowhere. It’s definitely something you couldn’t expect.

Also what I really like is how the book dealt with transgender people. In my opinion it was done with a great respect and it showed that sometimes we don’t even understand that they’re around us, which is the way it’s supposed to be.

Another great point I picked up from it was that we are all somehow connected, even if we don’t know that we are. It can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing. Also that people often don’t think of their actions and that is a sad thing.

This book also made me wonder about something. How much shit can one person take from another to actually get away from them, then again maybe it was just my misunderstanding.

Anyways, I think this book has a lot to discuss and if someone wants to then please go ahead, let’s discuss it in the comments.

Now let’s move on to the Readathon so this is my own little Readathon but if you want to join then you’re more than welcome to join.

The reason why I’m doing a reading marathon is because I want to get a lot of reading done during Christmas holidays but I also want to enjoy Zeldathon without feeling guilty that I didn’t read enough.

I’m not sure how long shall the Readathon last but it’s either until 27th or 3rd of Jan. I think I shall do it through out the whole school holidays so it will last until the 3rd. I will try to do half a book to a book a day meaning 8.5 – 17 books (I am aware that BookTube-a-thon will be during my readathon but we can combine them 😉 ). I will post the TBR list to here tomorrow because I hope to get the TBR list ready. I will probably have a lot of big books so if I get even close or over 17 books read I will be super proud of myself.

I hope you enjoyed this longer post and I hope to see active participation on the Readathon.

Ann :3