So here’s my list for the readathon. I’m going to mention all of the books and I’ll also write a small review about the first one since I finished it and I loved it so much. With the rest of the books I shall make a combined review, unless I really love the books (I did really love the first one).

  1. 45 pounds (more or less)
    K.A. Barson
    18693719-_uy200_ So I finished this book today and I have a really good start for the readathon. I did find something relatable when I was reading it, of course it wasn’t 100% relatable but it was somewhat close. She did feel the same things as I do and she describes everything so well but what seemed weird was that she seemed more overweight than just 45 pounds. The numbers for me just didn’t make sense, especially after converting them but I guess if you replace the numbers with kg then it makes a lot more sense.
  2. The Children Act
    By Ian McEwan
    Actually I have finished this one also. I gave it 2 out of 5 stars but I will review it in the review post.
  3. The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
    By Claire North
  4. The whole Twilight saga (including The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner)
    By Stephenie Meyer
    I feel like I should explain this choice a bit more. The reason why I’m rereading it is simple. This is my own little Christmas tradition. I have gotten a Twilight Saga book for Christmas for 5 Christmases in a row and each year I want to reread the series because of that and I do admit that I like it and I don’t think there’s nothing bad in being a fan of Twilight. I don’t feel like I’m not as an awesome person because of that.
  5. The Martian
    By Andy Weir
  6. Golem’s Eye
    By Jonathan Stroud
  7. Night School
    By C.J. Daughtery
  8. The Way of Kings (part one)
    By Brandon Sanderson
  9. Clockwork Angel
    By Cassandra Clare
  10. Iseenda Laps trilogy
    By Airika Harrik
    This is an Estonian trilogy
  11. All the Bright Places
    By Jennifer Niven

That should be it. I would like to read a lot more then that but I will just run out of time. I’m also sorry that I didn’t post it before, I honestly would’ve but I had a very weird night last night and I didn’t feel like writing anything. I hope you forgive me and will join me on the little Readathon.

Ann :3