This topic will probably make me seem two faced but recently it has just started bothering me.

Am I just the only one or is every other kind of big youtuber coming out?

During the past couple of months most of the big youtubers have been coming out. I don’t mind them doing it but is your sexual orientation really something you need to share online?

It is kind of weird for me to watch those videos, maybe just because I’m not really that big of a fan of any youtubers but still. It just looks weird for me to discover that yet another youtuber is gay or bi or whatever else.

I think that the reason why they do it is views just because I think they wouldn’t do it if they worked in an office for example. Again, maybe it just bothers me and maybe it shouldn’t because I make quite personal blog posts myself but I just think it’s weird if a youtuber makes a coming out video even though they usually don’t share their personal life at all. Isn’t that a bit weird?

Also I just want to say that I don’t mind anyone having different sexual orientation as I do but what I want to say is that the recent amount of coming out videos is kind of weird and for me personally a bit disturbing since most youtubers don’t talk that much of their personal life in general.

I want to hear your opinions on it. Is it just to get more views? Or what causes it?

Ann :3