So I didn’t finish much when it came to reading but it’s okay. I’ll make it up in new year.

I’m not gonna bring up the things I read because it was too little, if you wanna check it out then go check out my Goodreads, from there every book after 45 Pounds should be something that I read for the Readathon.

I haven’t been doing much productive either but I would like to tell you about my New Years Eve.

I hosted a party and to be completely honest I was skeptical of how it’s going to turn out, luckily it turned out to be pretty honest. Most of the party it was me and a bunch of guys but honestly I didn’t mind.

The fireworks were awesome and I could show this to Jess which was awesome (say hai to your familia and Benji). Also she has a new blog so go ahead and check out that one right here.

You might wonder what made my New Years Eve so awesome then? It’s the fact that Karl stayed at my place for almost 2 weeks I think… It was so cool, we got even more closer and I really needed it. I needed his closeness and the fact that I could be honest with him. I hope he feels that thankfulness too and that he feels the same. The first few days of 2k16 were really weird but I’m happy for them and I’m glad the things happened.

We also watched Zeldathon together which was really cool and I’m really happy that we did. It seems like another thing we can do together. I do think I need a bit more time alone for a while but we shall see what happens because without him I don’t get anything done either :S So I shall need to boost my productivity a lot (having a bit of motivation would help).

Here’s a song for you. Whoever guesses what’s it about without Googling or using the help of an Estonian friend will get a free hug :3

I hope you enjoyed my short little ramble.
Ann :3