I’m sorry.

I honestly don’t have any excuses as to why I haven’t been writing but I’m going to make a writing schedule for myself. I’m not going to tell it to you guys because otherwise I will fuck it up once again but I’m actually going to try to stick to it for now.

I have 5 topics which are meant for essays so I want to discuss on those topics. Then I have 2 books I’m about to finish and there will be a review on those (I hope to finish those today or something like that).

Then I have some news to tell you guys and I will be talking about them in depth once I fix my  schedule, so there should be at least one post a week for all of you (at least for next week). I think it’s pretty damn cool.

Why I want to bring writing back is that I know I need it and I have no idea why I always postpone it. So in order to motivate me I just stopped doing anything else and started to write.

I hope you’re as excited as I am and I hope you will join the discussions on my discussion blog posts.  I also will write a new years resolutions post (I know I’m super late) because I think it’s important to have resolutions and something to work for.

Ann :3