I know I wrote a blog post today but I want to get this out.

I don’t know how reachable my goals are but I’m going to try. I’m going to try to explain some of them a bit more, especially if I feel like they need explaining.

  1. I want to read 30 books this year. This is pretty self explanatory. I don’t know how I’ll manage but last year I read 29 so I think that one extra book is ok. I’m gonna start pushing the goal each year until I can’t go anymore. I think it will be an interesting experiment and I want to know what my max is but of course this all depends on the year but we will see.
  2. My other goal is to lose 20kg this year. This is almost half of what I need to lose. I don’t know how realistic this is but I want to give my best. I’m going to start slowly because I need to create a habit and this will take a while.
  3. Learn time management. Everyone knows I’m a horrible time manager so I’m going to try to learn how to manage my time better.
  4. Take care of my looks and my mental health. Everyone knows that in order to succeed you need to be happy about yourself so this is what I’m planning to do.
  5. Create a stable writing schedule. I understand this is the most utopic one because you never know what might happen but if I master time management I don’t think it will be a problem.

I think 5 resolutions is more than enough. I could add a few more but I don’t want to overflow myself.

So what are your resolutions? Are you close to accomplishing any already?

Ann :3