This one will be one of the first discussion blog posts. As I mentioned it in my other blog post then these blog posts have been taken from various essay topics but I’ll try not to structure them as essays but more like casual talk or something like that.

My first topic will be about social media and its effects on relationships.

I’m pretty sure you all might guess what my views are on social media and its effects on relationships. I’m pretty sure you might think I’d say that I’m all pro social media. To be completely honest I’m not.

I understand that social media is necessary and is an important part of our lives but I don’t think it’s useful. Now you might ask: Ann but you have friends online, are they a no one to you? Of course not, I love them to death and they are the most important part of my life. They have helped me through the most awful times of my life and I’m super thankful for them.

The way I see it is pretty simple. As for the people who you can communicate in real life, face-to-face every single day social media makes it worse. I understand that it’s funny to continue that chat you had about the weirdest shit out there on facebook but doesn’t it all lose it’s magic somepoint. I feel like with people who are actually there you shouldn’t use social media because it makes your relationships more shallow.

As to the people who are far away this unfortunately is the only opportunity for you to communicate. It can happen that online chats are also shallow between two online persons but usually if that online person is your friend, your chats can’t be even close to being shallow.

These are my thoughts on social media. I hope everything is clear and I would love to read what you think of it. Also, if you want me to elaborate some of the statements, feel free to let me know.

Ann :3