Before I explain the title I’m gonna show you something else interesting that happened to me yesterday.


So yeah this is what my nails will look like for a while.

Now what is this all going to England news this title happily spoils us.

I applied to this scholarship that provides students from all over the world to study in English schools. Sometimes they even get a scholarship for the following years(scholarship fir the following years is provided by the school though).

I really hope this will be my chance to go and study abroad also to go to England which is kinda turning into an obsession.

There is one catch though my maths teacher still hasn’t filled out the letter of recommendation and if she doesn’t do it by tomorrow I’m kinda fucked… I really hope she does it.

I really want to pursue my dream, I know I can do it later in my life too but I see this as a perfect chance.

I don’t want to really write about it more because everything is so open but I still thought I should let you guys know πŸ˜€

Ann :3