I have found my new love, linguistics.

For those who don’t know what linguistics is then linguistics is basically scientific language studies.

I guess it’s not really what I want to do in the future but it is currently my hobby.

I will be taking part of a linguistics olympiate… I really hope I’ll do good. I’m really excited for it and I want to do good.

I think it is an interesting hobby and if I don’t go to England I’ll keep doing it with my current literature teacher. I’ll probably continue with it in England too but we shall see.

To be honest with you I actually think it really helps me with my maths and I’m really happy about that because I don’t want to fail any more maths periods. I do love maths, I just suck at it but I guess this isn’t the topic which we are currently discussing.

All in all what I wanted to say is that I feel like I’m improving in everything while doing lingustics and  this makes me really excited and motivated to keep doing it.

I know it’s a shorter post but this is a topic that I don’t really know what to talk about. I guess I’ll just tell you how it all goes for me.

Ann .3