Sorry for the all caps title but I got to the interview round of the scolarship thingie xD

I’m sooooooooo… happy. This means that I’m one step closer to my dream.

I know that my boyfriend doesn’t like it one bit but it’s my obsessive dream and this is what I want to do.

If you guys want to know what I like about England then I honestly don’t know. I just love it… It’s weird I know and I think that by now you have also heard about a billion times how much more comfortable I felt in England. I’m pretty sure England is my true home and I was mixed with someone else when I was born xD Okay… maybe not mixed up but still…

Oh and the interview is on next Monday, which is also my birthday week and the linguistics olympiate is then and I will know if I can get to the volunteer job and I have my next singing lesson xD

So yeah, next week will be full of adventures and I know I have quite much to write about, ohhhhh another thing… I took part of this programming thing and this will begin next week also. I’m also going to plan out my posts a bit more(or at least try to xD).

I hope that I don’t overflow myself with everything but this is currently everything that’s going on.

Ann :3