It seems to me that during school you’re gonna get only book reviews and posts about some more important events in my life as I don’t have time for much more.

I’m not quite sure why I picked this book up. Probably because I had heard g10798416ood things about it from my friends.

Author:  Jennifer E. Smith
2/5 stars

Why such a low rating you ask? Like I mentioned in the last post I wrote , some books come to you at the right place in the right time and I believe that this book is one of them. Not every book is like that because most books are written for pure entertainment and I believe that this book as an entertainer sucked.

It’s of course only my opinion but to me it seemed like a cheesy teenage book that you read when you’re first entering your teen years or being majorly depressed and looking for your prince on a white horse.

To me it was super slow because the amount of pages that this book had I could do with one or two sittings but it took me like a week to finish, which is quite a lot of time for a book this short.

I honestly  can say that I would’ve enjoyed this book a lot more when I had been 12-15 or super depressed and looking for love (like I was 2 years ago xD) but for now it was too simple, cheesy and slow paced.

I think that’s all that I have to say for this book. Hope you enjoyed.
Ann :3