This is my reflection on picking teams on PE but always wonders why am I always picked last irl.

SO yesterday we had PE and naturally I’m chosen as the last person. I’m used to it but it still hurts me every time. I cannot blame the people who are choosing the teams but I can blame my bad physique.

I just want to say that whenever you have to pick a team in pe start with the bad ones please, it gives them courage and motivates them and this will show the cocky good at sports people that it does suck to stand in front being the last one to be chosen.

To be honest that’s all I want to reflect on but now to my other topic. Why am I always the last choice, even in life.

To be honest the answer is the same as to the pe topic we just talked about.

If you’re writing a comment about me having to lose weight then please stop there and continue reading.

It’s not that simple. It’s like telling a depressed person to suck it up and trying to convince them that life is beautiful.

What I really need is a person who would join me in the journey and go through with it and dragging me along until I start helping myself. This will be a hard task and probably won’t be tackled through the internet but maybe it even will, idk it never has. I just want to hear the thoughts of someone who has been through this all and I want someone who would know how to drag me through without damaging me even more.