As from the featured image you can probably guess what I’m going to write about.

Today I want to talk about eating disorders but mostly about how they’re depicted in media nowadays.

Last Wednesday there was this girl talking about mental health issues and eating disorders. The lecture itself was boring because it didn’t really introduce anything new and was mostly an ad for this site with an unknown purpose. I did take mental notes about a few things though.

First thing she mentioned that was annoying me is that she told more about the stuff that one would consider basic knowledge. I would’ve preferred a more personal approach and maybe more on how to help a friend who is facing a mental illness.

The other thing that really bothered me is the fact that she concentrated on eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. I understand that those two need to be mentioned but I also feel like emotional eating and all of the other eating disorders that make people gain weight need to be mentioned as well.

I feel like the media especially social media has made the world view people with over eating issuses to see as something ugly or think that oh how cool, she/he is overweight and rocking it.

As much as I like that kind of attitude I also hate it because when they see someone who’s abnormally thin they always get worried about their health and when they see someone overweight they are either disgusted or loving how these people look.

My point here isn’t to fat shame because it would be self hate and I love if people compliment me. Currently I am trying to be happy as I am but I also want to lose weight and I feel like this is connected to a psychological problem and it would be really cool  if people would acctually consider over eating as a psychological problem not just “oh they have a good appetite” or something along those lines.

I could talk to my friends to look into it but I feel like the media and eveb the people who come to educate teens on the topic of mental health and eating disorders should talk some of the more uncommonly discussed problems and do it on a very personal level because in that way they’d be a lot more believable.

Some of my thoughts might be a bit more unclear but don’t hesitate to ask and express your own opinions on it.
Ann :3