I guess I can now say that I’m a proper teen.

My parents have always told me that I am like a small middle aged person. I never did something reckless and was always the nice and cute little kid, after this weekend I can proudly say that I’m growing out of that.

This weekend mum dragged me to the countryside because she thought that the country air will help me to get better… I guess it did work or the fact that I was under her watch the whole time, anyways I got slightly better which is a start.

She also wanted me to “girl up” again so we went shopping or thrifting tbh and did other girly stuff like make up and hair and everything else. It felt nice to spend time with mum again, I felt my rebel side a bit less dominating over my nice side. I felt like everything is like it used to be a while ago and it was nice.

We even figured out how to get rid of my gel nails (I was getting bored of them and missed my natural nails and being able to to my own manicure). We just cut them off and then I procceeded to snap them off which wasn’t the smartest idea but it was bothering me so much. I ended up with super painful fingers but it is totes worth it.

Mum also took me driving. When I was little I would’ve totes done it with my dad but since we’ve grown apart so much I prefer to do things like that with mum. I actually did quite well for the first time and I didn’t kill us and didn’t break the car, in my eyes it’s an achievement on it’s own. I do realise that I have a long way to go but this is a beginning.

Jess and I also tried watching Eurovision but I fell asleep and midway through I told her that I’ll go to bed. I felt bad for failing on her like that but it wouldn’t have been better if I had just fallen asleep and done nothing.

I think that the reason why I enjoyed it so much was because it was completely men free (ofc my dad was there but I’ve learned not to notice him). It was nice to just be with mum and talk about girly things. I think that’s what I was missing and what made me feel meh all the time.

Hope you enjoyed 😀
Ann :3