I’m planning to start to write baout alternative history. This is my first attempt to do something even along those lines. Our task was to write about the Pilgrims trip with the Mayflower. Here’s my interpretation about their life. If you want more let me know and I hope you enjoy.

Ann :3


5th August 1620

Dear Diary!

We can finally set sail to the New World. I hope that the trip won’t be too sickening. I have never travelled such distances. I am grateful that we can travel there and start a new life. My parents of course were worried but I calmed them down by saying that as long as James is by my side everything will be fine. I have to go for now, there seems to be some sort of delay and we need to turn back.

There seems to be problems with Speedwell. Apparently it was leaking. Now we’re back in England, I guess this means another few days until they get it fixed. Mother and father are expressing their concern. They are saying that this is a bad omen and that I should stay with them. I talked to James about it and he was completely against it. He said that this is our only chance to feel safe about our religious beliefs. I have discussed it with some of my friends and they’ve have decided to stay here in England with their families. It saddened me a lot but my place is next to James.


10th September 1620

Dear Diary!

We have been sailing for a bit now. The crew is very nice, except for a few people but God will punish them accordingly. I have been feeling sickly recently. It’s not easy being pregnant on a stormy sea. The other ladies are saying that I’m gonna give birth soon, I was hoping it would happen in the New World. I don’t feel like doing it on this ship. Sick people are everywhere and there’s no free space.

James has been with me the whole time.  It’s very useful, it keeps me hopeful and happy because I know I have someone to rely on. I hope that God replies to our prayers. I have been praying throughout most of my days because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to survive this trip without praying. I wonder how does the crew manage with such shaky sea.

I shall try to sleep some more now. The sea is getting rough again and others throwing up makes me sick.


23rd December 1620

Dear Diary!

We have been here in the New World for a few months now. We got a beautiful baby girl and she has been sick lately. She was healthy when she was born but now she has been sick. The locals have been helping me. Some of the other travellers have been reluctant to speak to them but I quite like them. They’re nice and if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be here right now.

Last month we even celebrated Thanksgiving with them. I don’t understand why people are still hesitant to talk to them or ask them for help. They are people just like us. During Thanksgiving they even brought us good luck charms and showed their respect towards us. It was a huge festivity. The men enjoyed it a lot, James got many friends from the natives tribe. I spent time with some of the ladies from the same tribe. They dressed me up as one of them and I felt weird but it was a nice to feel accepted. I wrote about this to my parents. I hope that they are happy about my decisions.


22nd February 1625

Dear Diary!

We have been living here for a while now. My parents are have been writing to me a lot and they are missing me a lot. They are hoping to come to live here soon too but right now dad is sick and everyone is worried about him.

Hope lived through that winter and she’s a lively toddler. James has been busy working, he was chosen to be our leader. He has been working with the natives and they are trying to come up with a democratic way to expand our little town but not completely destroy their land. I’m sure they’ll figure something out.

It starts to feel like home here. I don’t miss England that much. I’m thankful that James didn’t let me back out when we experienced trouble in the beginning. I’m also expecting a little sibling for Hope. She can now be a big sister. I hope it will be a boy so we could name him after my father since no-one knows how his health will hold.