Author: Dave Roberts
Rating: 4/5

So if you have been following by blog and if you have happened to scroll down to see what I’m curree-luv_130ntly reading you have probably notived this book. I picked it up on a trip to the library. Now, 2 days over the due for it I finished it.

As you can see this book got a pretty high rating purely because of two factors which I will get into later. First I want to tell you why I picked this book up on the first place.

I’m not sure how many of you know about my last relationship. It happened to be also an internet romance and to be honest it was hell of a good one. In that sence the book was extremely relatable. This book made me act the way this character did when he found the right person, only our journeys didn’t end up the same way. As you can gather this was my first reason.

The second reason was pure curiosity because this book is from when the Internet was quite a new thing. My experience was a lot better due to so many different ways to make this whole thing feel more real but then again with today’s society you could get more into the virtual reality, which in my case was the thing that broke us apart. I wanted to virtuality to become reality which wasn’t possible for either of us.

Before I started to write this review I read through some other reviews from the author’s official webpage. And they were all positive ofc saying that this is a funny read but as someone who has been there an came out of the same situation I say that this is pathetic. I know this makes me either a hypocrite or someone who knows what they’re saying and I say in a way in that period I was pathetic too.

I mean you get over from the state of being pathetic by coming out and being out there and actually doing stuff, which him and I started doing in the end. So in that sence internet romance is a healing thing. If you’re together virutally with someone you love and they both contribute virtually as much of time and effort the thing might even work out but I don’t want to get into the talk of why it didn’t work out with me and Josh. If he wants to know he can ask and I’m more than happy to tell you.

All in all my opinion on the book is that if you want to know what online relationships are then this is a good insight and if you have experienced it already then you know what it’s like and this book doesn’t give anything to extra to you. It was an enjoyable read but only if you could read for a quite a long time.

I hope this review wasn’t too messy. I have another blog post that was supposed to come out before this one but I haven’t gotten round to finishing it. I will do it probably tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed!
Ann :3