So a few days ago I was thinking about this TED talk that is pretty old already but still keeps popping up on my tumblr timeline and I wanted to write a reaction post. To be honest I don’t know if it can be called a reaction post but it’s more like agreeing and adding my own personal opinion to it.

I would love if you watched it through before you read the post.

When I first saw this video I was truly inspired and I still am to this day. I wish I would have the confidence to say that I’m fat and be fine with it. But why don’t I?

I’m thankful for the people who accept me as I am and who appreciate me with my curves and whatnot but after 17 years of living in a world that says that fat = ugly is hard. I know she’s probably older and has more of those experiences but this world we live in today has changed.

This world is starting to base more and more on our looks. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr… You could go on about those sites that require you to show yourself off. As a person who once hid into the internet world to hide from the real people and the real mean comments in real life found this amazing sanctuary online. I found people who didn’t judge me based on my looks and that was only because I talked to them for a long time.

As my confidence rose I started to get more comfortable with myself, I started to share more pictures of myself but only when I had those “highs”. What I mean by that is the fact that I only shared pictures of myself when I felt good. Good enough to share, good enough to make myself presentable.  Those highs didn’t last for long because I never got the same reactions or the same amount of likes. Which I know is lame but when I posted the same  picture, exactly the same picture I would get only 20ish likes when the skinny and so called pretty girls would get hundreds.

I have more examples to that. When I had my graduation I dressed up real nice, I got my makeup done and my hair done, everything. I didn’t get any compliments, nothing at all. I was so sad or all the people who I thought to be my friends to come to my graduation, none. All of them didn’t value me as much.

These kinds of incidents happen every single day.

You know when I used to chat to online people I got disconnected a lot. Most of the chats were the same, you know you start off with the usuals, intro and then it gets to the picture part. I reluctantly say “oh, I’d rather not. I’m fat.” I don’t use it as fat = ugly but I know many do, so I try to get the topic to change which never does. It’s because many people think it’s some perfect sized chick saying they’re fat. When I finally send them one of the prettiest pictures of myself they go “oh you really are fat” and a few seconds later you can see that suddenly you’re without a conversation partner.

What I want to say is that we all do have feelings and that fat is an adjective only when people start using it as an adjective.We can use it as an adjective when all body sizes are accepted by people, when employers pay fat people the same amount, it’s when people are judged based on their ability not their shape and size.

So yeah, this is the video from Tumblr that has always made me want to write. These are my thoughts on the topic. I completely agree what she has to say but I also believe that there’s a long way to go in order to accept all bodies, colours, shapes and sizes and I do admit that this skinny world we live in has fucked up the way I see myself (I feel important to note that where I come from it still is a skinny world, just so you all know).

I think that’s all for now. I know that I probably left out many of the points she said but this is what I started to think when I saw this vid.
Ann :3