I know I have been gonae again but now I have more time. I have been working like crazy on some projects and also trying to earn some money for a proper computer.

I’m going to list some of the posts that are coming up in the nearer future:

  • My thoughts on veganism + health confessions
  • American beauty wrap up
  • YouTube
  • School clarifications
  • Where will this blog go from here
  • App recommendations

There are more ideas that I’m still working on, the posts  I thought about now are posts that I have generated already in my head. They are something that I only need to write. As you probably noticed I don’t have any book posts here and that’s for a reason. I’m writing all of my literature posts to Lines For the Mind.

I know my blog has been quite off for a while and I haven’t been posting properly for an even longer period of time but this is mostly brcause of my huge literary slump. I am trying to get back to it and what a better way to do it than just start with it.