Hey guys!

Yesterday was kind of my realisation night. I talked to my bandmate and there was some sort of understanding which made me realise a few things and told me to get back up, whether I like it or not.

I want to tell you what I have been working on recently and some of the things will even get illustrations attached to them.

I’m going to start with something that has existed for a while but where I am more active now. This will start being my companion to my blog. By now you’ve probably figured out what it is. It is a YouTube account. I don’t have any design on it or anything like it whatsoever but I do plan on working on it.

The second thing I wanted to briefly mention is starting a bullet journal. This is mostly to organise my time and a way for me to break through all of the boundaries I want to break free from.

The last few days of panicking and contemplating over my life has made me want to really do something for myself. I feel like if I can get to the same kind of artistic state I was in when I started this blog or at least was a year into it.

I really enjoyed it and I hope to get it back but now it’s time for me to go to work on my bullet journal.

Hope you enjoyed.
Ann :3