I’m not quite sure how much I’ve mentioned it but we do have a moskvitch standing there and I managed to talk to dad and he promised to help me get it fixed.

I don’t have liscence yet but since the car is not driveable yet and I will get my liscence by the time I finish it. I have great plans with it and want to make it my own. I know it’s an old car but I feel like I could make it last.

I want to keep the color mostly the same, maybe change it up a bit with some detailwork and art work in general. I want to add a proper sound system to it and make it more mine. I already feel some connection with it.

I just feel like it’s mine and that I want to just work on it. The funny thing about it is the fact that my knowledge about cars is pretty limited and dad knows it which means that he doesn’t even bother me with his stuff but I really hope he understands that I wanna learn.

I’m planning to search more about the car and understand its insides. Shouldn’t take me a while and with the help of Karl and my other friends I should learn quick. My only problem right now is money. Dad says I need about 10 000€ to fix it but I think he hasn’t counted in the sound system I’m planning to add there.

I will add pictures on a later post when I get home.

But this is all for now. Hope you enjoyed!
Ann :3