Hello everyone!

Today I’m coming to you with another kind of an update-like blog post. Just because yesterday I did work on with my other blog Lines For The Mind. This is a fairly old blog but we haven’t been updating it much. I’m planning to change it now because I decided to move all of my literature stuff there and boost that blog to the level my blog currently is.

To have some kind of daily views and stuff like that. I will always keep linking to that blog too but if you enjoy my writings and my book reviews I suggest you move over there because I will move my stuff there. All of the old stuff will stay here but all the new things will start appearing there, everything else will stay here as usual.

Now for the new series. Starting from August I’m going to have a new mental health series here on this blog. I will not talk more about it just because August is pretty much here and I want to make an explanation post anyways so you have to wait a little more and then you will start getting regular posts for a while.

Now back to the poetry. This is  my 3rd poem I’ve ever written if you want to read the previous ones then just type in poem to the search tab and you should be able to find them fairly easy. The poem is called I Wanna Be a Bird. I wrote it yesterday when I was super lonely and was sitting outside in a kind of meditating state and then looking at the birds, the first stanza came pretty quick, the others just came as I wrote. I have to say I’m kind of proud of it and I really enjoyed writing it. I know I could improve but for a 3rd it is pretty good.