Hello everyone!

So Ipromised a new series and you’re going to get it. So in December I went to a little chat in mental health and rock and all that. I think I even wrote a blog post about it. Okay maybe I don’t… I’m not quite sure, at least I can’t find it. Anyways it was held by Craig Lewis.

He wanted to get a word out about himself and he gave me the workbook he made Better Days and a book. I really need to read and write about it… but I was supposed to review them and let him know how it works. So here it is.

The first topic he touches on is Sometimes We Struggle and I think it’s a very good topic to start off with and here are what I wrote about the whole thing.

I do understand that sometimes we struggle but while I understand it I also struggle about struggling. I think in today’s society we are forced to be someone or something big, someone we might not always want to be.

I think I need to understand that struggling and dwelling whilst struggling with actual problems is not going to help to solve the problems that made you struggle anyways. I need to understand that I’m in charge of my own life and that’s the way to solve all of my struggles.

The workbook has a small topic to talk about the whole topic and then a few questions and I’m going to write out the questions and my answers.

  1. Do you believe that there is meaning and value in your struggling and why?
    1. I do believe that I do have value in my struggle and definitely a meaning. I think that I need to understand that everyone has problems and many have even similar problems and it is okay to struggle sometimes. I need to understand that I can conquer my struggles and meanwhile struggling I need to understand that I have the ability to learn from everything that comes to my way whilst in recovery.
  2. In your daily life, how do you manage the ups and downs that you face without being thrown off course (give two examples)?
    1. For example when I’m in school I like to just ignore the struggle and listen to music or talk to friends. I tend to just try to distract myself from the downs since I don’t want strangers to interfere with my life and my problems.
    2. At home I usually start writing about it, it might not always be the thing I need to be doing but I have the oppurtunity to write and I should use it. This prevents me from falling deeper in to the whole of self-loathing.
  3. What are the three reasons that you are fighting fo your recovery?
    1. I want to be mentally and physically healthy
    2. I have dreams I want to achieve and I know I will if I achiege the first point.
    3. I need to prove myself that I can and that I’m worth it.

I know that the answers could be a lot longer but I’m taking my time into getting into this workbook. I don’t know if I will do the next one tomorrow but it all depends on my mood and the amout of time I have. I want it to be a daily thing but I don’t know how well it would work for me if I rushed through it.

I also want to know what do you think of this format so it would be nice if you would let me know. I would appreciate if you told me wether you have any experience with this workbook and how did it work for me because I’m a bit sceptical of it working just on me without any support group or any specialist by my side but we shall see.

Ann :3