I was sure until the time I got home a few minutes ago that I was going to write another Better Days post but when I got home I was like, lol nope.

I just realised that there are sometimes times when you just want to not feel good. I mean I do see some progress about the whole journey of mine which is awesome and I am proud of it but other then that, mneh.

With every day I start feeling even more hopless, which is good in some ways. I do get some of my most inspired times and writing is really what keeps me going.

I felt at some point and time of the day that today is the day where I don’t want to feel positive and energetic, today I wanna feel depressed and let it all go through my system. The funny thing about it all is the fact that it seems like everyone feels the same way today. I still got all of my stuff done which is really good and I do feel a bit of proudness in me.

I mean I created my whole “survival system” just for days like today, so that I would be able to survive the deep down days and would still be able to function and be somewhat happy about myself and my little achievements.

Sometimes I do need this type of time in my life and trust me, I’m well prepared to get me out of the hole of depression. Just with my own little ways of making myself happy. It used to be harder but right now I’m discovering more and more ways to do that.

I’m sorry for the bit rambly post but it was needed. Hope you enjoyed.
Ann :3