This chapter was definitely a hard one for me. I mean it hit exactly right there where it hurts, it doesn’t hurt the most but it definitely makes me want to fuss with myself.

The post itself talked about accountability and how one should take responsibility about what they’re doing. Something that I struggle with very often, especially if it hurts my ego…

I am working on it and I believe that if I can get a better friendship with myself I would be able to take more responsibility over my actions and my sayings.

Again this chapter comes with 3 questions so here are the questions and my answers to them:

  1. List three ways that your life has been affected by decisions that you have made.
    1. Quitting choir
    2. Letting schoolwork down
    3. Not working on my health
  2. Name one mistake that you have made in your life and what you learned because of it.
    • Letting schoolwork down is definitely something I regret the most myself.
    • The lesson from it is the same like always, the same like with all of my previous lessons of life I have “learned”. If I fall behind I have to work 10 times harder. This time I am determined to change my life and I am doing pretty good so far and I’m proud of myself for that.
  3. List three things that you want to improve in your life and what you can do to make them happen.
    1. Health
      1. Work hard
      2. Take it one step at a time
      3. Not give up when facing troubles
    2. Schoolwork
      1. Prioritise the right things
      2. Work hard to pick up with others
      3. Work hard throughout the schoolwork after catching up
    3. Music
      1. Practise more
      2. Enjoy more of what I’m doing
      3. Finding inspirations in what I’m doing

So these were the questions and my answers. I feel like these worksheets are very useful so far. I do wonder whether I should choose one to match my mood more or go in the right order. I will figure that out.

PS! I have quite a lot up at Lines For the Mind, if you’re interested in my collab and literature posts check it out here.

But I hope you enjoyed.
Ann :3