Another Better Days post. This one was a bit hard for me, well not hard but it needed a bit more thought than my other chapters.

The other chapters have more background info, this time it was just a poem and it was very hard to work with that. It made me want to write a poem as an answer but there was no actual poem writing happening it was just a concept that popped into my head.

This time the questions were something I really liked though. I think they were very straightforward and required me to think about things, which was the same for the previous chapter which I really liked. I don’t think that the chapters are getting better but I think I’m getting more into it all. So the questions were following and as usual you can get my own answers for them. I feel like giving my answers to you guys helps us bond and that’s what matters most, doesn’t it?

  1. List three things that you like about yourself.
    1. My creativity
    2. My looks, especially if I take the time to get ready and take care of myself.
    3. My ability to positively surprise myself
      • I feel like this needs to be explained a bit. The way I have been healing myself is by positively surprising myself. It keeps me motivated and if I know I can do stuff I didn’t think I could then I definitely stay happy and motivated. the thing about that is that usually I’m so shy I don’t try stuff and when I do I get very positively surprised, which means that those positive surprises aren’t too often.
  2. What does it mean to be gentle to yourself?
    • I feel like being gentle to yourself is knowing your body, knowing where your limit is, knowing what to do in order to be happy and not push yourself too far. I feel like this is what being gentle means.
    • I also feel like being gentle is also important on the physical aspect because if you torure your physical body then it is hard for your mental health as well.
  3. How does personal responsibility impact one’s recovery?
    • I think it can be a very good motivational point for one because you are aware that you’re on your own and it can be a huge motivational boost.
    • On the other hand it can be the exact opposite and when that happens it’s pretty bad. In my case I believe it would be a huge motivational boost because I would be torn out of my comfort zone and I think that is what I need the most right now.