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Finally another review. It has been silent on the review side after I started posting my book reviews on  Lines For the Mind.

So last Friday me and my classmate went to watch Suicide Squad. I do have to saysuicide-squad-movie-2016-poster that I have mixed feelings about it but more of it later as we get more into the post.

First I want to comment on the ad for this movie. I just love it, the colours are well picked the artwork and I also love the way the characters are placed. I have also seen the other poster for it but this is the one we have in our cinemas so I thought I’d mention that here too. I love how it made me want to watch it despite all of its controversial reviews.

But let’s move on to the movie itself. At first I didn’t like the fact they brought villains to be the heroes but the more I thought about it the more I started liking the idea. I loved the way they brought out that there’s something bad/good in everyone. First off the Enchantress, she was so innocent and nice at first but then we could see how even the nicest persons can be the worst villains. She is a visual portrayal of the good and evil another portrayal I really liked was when Enchantress gave the villains what they dreamed of. Harley Quinn dreamt of having a family and being normal.

So the whole movie seemed to me that it wanted to show us that all of us are people and that everyone has their hopes and dreams but it also showed that some people never change.

I also liked the cast and the character development throughout the movie. Everything was in constant change and this was extremely nice. I just feel like this is like a good piece of crafts. Everything is nice and tight and packed but it’s all done in a very neat and classy way. It was super enjoyable to watch. Another thing that gets plus points for me in the movie is the fact that I didn’t get bored during the movie which happens to me all the time. I just get bored midway though and then I usually stare around and watch other people around me and unfortunately it happens more often than not.

So in the end I think it was a very enjoyable movie. I think that now when I have been able to think about it some time I could give you my honest opinion. I do know that this is a pretty vague review for what I usually do but I felt like I needed to write some even though it’s almost midnight and I have to wake up early.

I hope you still enjoyed and see you soon in a new post.
Ann :3