Hello everyone!

Today I’m here with another Better Days blog post. I know I’ve been lazy about writing but tbh I’ve been struggling with everything so now I’m trying to get back to everything. So today you will get 2 blog posts on this blog and one on Lines For the Mind 

Today’s topic is biting your tongue, definitely something I can relate to in the sense that I understand that I need to work on it. The funny thing about the topic is that yesterday I managed to ruin everyone’s mood because I didn’t bite my tongue so this topic on ths book was very well timed.

Now for the questions which proved to be quite challenging for me this time…

  1. Name a situation where you had to bite your tongue and how your life benefited from you holding back your words.
    • Most of the situations at school need me to bite my tongue. Some teachers are just pointless to discuss things because they will just mess with your grades or do something else that will ruin your joy for school and studying in  general.
  2. What are hree healthy ways that you can calm yourself down when you’re angry?
    1. Go outside or leave the room.
    2. Breathing exercises
    3. Try to zone out and rant on twitter or to friends.
  3. When you are upset, hurt or angry,what can you say to those around you so that they can help you deal with your situation in more healthy ways?
    • One of the most important things is not to get upset with me because I’m losing it, the second most important thing is not to fool around. Those are the two things that usually make it worse for me.
    • The other things they should do is just ask me and communicate. Ask me what’s wrong what can they do an then try to distract me.

So this is the first of the today’s blog posts. I know I could distribute them throughout the week but I need to get them out asap.

I hope you enjoyed.
Ann :3