Hello guys!

As you know it’s a tradition here in my blog to have a summer summary at the end of the summer. This year it will be pretty short since mostly I was working so the whole July work was my main source of entertainment.

June wasn’t much more full of activites either. I messed with school and hung out with my friends. I did have one highlight of the summer though and this was American Beauty.

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures because this year I only spent time enjoying the whole event. I saw Mustasch live which was even better than I thought it would be. I loved all of their songs and I hope I can see them live once more. The weird thing is that they were more popular than last year’s main performer The Darkness.

The other thing I reaally  enjoyed was the fact that my friend taught me my camera so I can make nicer photos now.

I was going somewhere with this summer summary but yesterday my thought process was disturbed so I guess this blog post is it for now.

Also starting today I go back to school so I’m trying to mke a certain schedule for my posts. This week I’ll just spam you with all of the posts I was going to write during the last few weeks but didn’t get to.