So today I wanted to bring you this short post about school. My closest friends know what I’ve been feeling about the whole school thing and they know my doubts and everything that connected to it but today I will shed some light about it for you guys.

I don’t know about you guys but officially school here starts on 1st of September. For me it started two weeks earlier. Why, you may ask. Well… the reason is simple. I had to fix some grades from last year. I had some problems with maths which I luckily could pass and therefore I was able to continue in my school. It was a sign for me and I’m really happy that I, hopefully, understood it.

I feel like me passing the maths test and not being able to get to my plan B school was a sign I needed to read. It showed me that there’s a reason I’m continuing in my old school and the first few days have been there to prove it to me.

Our school tradititon is to have a pre-week in the beginning of each school year and this year it was truly motivational and inspiring. I was able to gather so much info from there. Our first day of pre-week had a kickstart from a  Cambridge student. She told us about Cambridge University and life in the UK in general. She also wrote a blog post about Tallinn and I shall link it here.

This really got my motivation for the upcoming schoolyear high up in the sky. I have already made general plans for the schoolyear and I can’t wait to see whether they work out during this year or not (I really hope they do).

Our next speaker was the headmaster which was really nice because he knows how to talk and knows how to inspire people. This was the other thing that got me really inspired and motivated and stuff like that. He was talking about stuff I’ve been trying to do the whole summer (time management and stuff like that). This honestly made me feel really motivated and made me feel like I’m actually doing something right.

I also feel like I need to explain the title a bit. I know why I am here is kind of a response to something the headmaster started his speech with. When he does the speeches with the high school classes during the pre-week he uses the question why am I here and this whole post is dedicated to me knowing why I am in that school and me knowing what my future will be like and what I want to do here and now but also that I’m ready to work hard for my future.

I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you soon.

Ann :3