Today when I looked at my planner I realised that I should’ve written the post I wrote yesterday today and vice versa. I guess one day doesn’t matter. I do have a schedule written and if you are interested I am willing to create a calendar which you can view and see when new posts are released (so please let me know down below). I will write the posts that I will be writing to Lines for the Mind too. For those who don’t know Lines for the Mind is a blog where me and Jess wrote our literary creations, currently you can see mostly my work but I promise more collabs will be coming pretty soon.

Now for today’s post. We have made it to chapter no.6, today’s topic is Coping Skills and whilst reading the chapter I realised my coping skills are bs but I shall write about it in following posts why my life ended up like it is and how I feel about it and so on.

I’ll go over the questions now.

  1. What are three difficult things that you must cope with in your daily life?
    1. The fact that my health doesn’t get better when I don’t do anything about it (this will make more sense in the next question).
    2. I am not able to catch up with others while doing sports or something like that.
    3. And I have to cope with most of my desicions which have sucked and have to be able to work around them.
  2. What are three coping  skills that you can use to manage the difficult situations in your life?
    1. Alcohol
    2. Cigs
    3. Food
      • Now you would think that why does she use such coping skills that don’t really benefit and help her cope. That’s the same thing I was wondering while filling out the worksheet.
      • I am trying to change the whole coping skills thingie and am trying to find new things so I promise you that soon my new coping skills list would be like that. We shall see how that goes once this book is over and I will write that to my final thoughts post.
        1. Exercise
        2. Music
        3. Reading
  3. How do you define “Coping Skills”?
    • My definition of coping skills is that they are skills that help you accept the things that make you upset/depressed/anxious. Anything that will help you keep your head on the water and doesn’t let you drown when you’re really tired and the waves are trying to drag you under the water. This is what I think of coping skills.

 I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know about the calendar idea and what you thought of the post and I will see you soon with another post.