Hello everyone!

This review is not sponsored in any way. I have only contacted the app makers to let them know I’m doing this but that’s all8

Today I have something interesting to review to you and this is the beta version (I guess I can call it beat we can also name it pre-release) of an app called Readfeed. I am a total fan of it. I will get right into it but if you want to add me there then my name is Ann T. Another thing I want to mention before getting into this review is that I will do a lot of comparisons with goodreads because you know how much I used to love Goodreads (let’s see whether this app will beat goodreads or not).

Now I do have to say that I’ve been loving the app from the beginning I do like the look of it and the features it has but that wouldn’t be the best review. But I do have to say that this was a surprisingly good app when it was released in beta (this is when I joined). So I have been using it for quite a while now. The app itself will be out on Decebert 1st (for IOS and Android) but you can download the pre release from their website. I’ve been talking to the app creator a bit and they also said they’re creating a website for it that we can use because when I first started to use the website I wanted to know when do they plan on releasing the official site too.

11I will start with the things I would like to see in the new upcoming updates so you could see what I would like to see and what the app does not yet have (hopefully they would be added soon).

  • Some sort of a goal section and statistics section, so I could see how I’m doing this week/month/year etc.
  • A quote section for each book (should be somehow moderated since quotes may start to reappear).
  • A way to add/edit books
    • A small section for books in foreign languages, I tend to read books in English but when I try to find books in my native language it’s really hard because sometimes I do read Estonian books.
  • Some sort of moderation thing, kinda like goodreads has the librarians because I do understand that it’s hard for the makers to do it all on their own.
  • Also the webpage like I meantioned earlier, which is coming.
  • This doesn’t change much but a way to choose your app interface colour would be super nice 😉
  • Notification settings (Maybe I haven’t seen them but if not then I definitely need them)13

Now let’s talk about what I really think about the app. I will start with something thta I find exptremely importand with pre-release apps and it’s working with the feedback and so far the app makers have done so but recently it has been harder to get any contact with them which is okay since the deadline for the release is getting closer and also there are more users but working with the users is crucial for a good app.

Another thing I like is the feel of it. The way the app has been set up makes me feel like there’s a small book club attached to each of the books and I do like the way it feels. It feels so accepting and everyone is just talking about something they love. It also makes me want to read more because I want to feel more of the feeling of the small book clubs.

Now for the most interesting part if I had to choose between Goodreads and this app which one would I choose and why?

For now definitely both. I would use both because they both lack what the other one compliments and I also love book related apps. If Readfeed gets updated then I would go with Readfeed but for now I would have to say both. I secretly was wishing that Readfeed would win but in the end I realised that I do have to say both.

I hope you enjoyed  and I’ll see you next time.
Ann :3