I know I know I was supposed to write Better Days on Saturday but I was truly sick on Saturday and today is my first day where I can actually write so you’re gonna get two posts today :3 (yay two posts).

So today’s post was about creating change which is something I struggle with. I have all of these great ideas but I never take the extra step to create the change. This text that was provided with the chapter was full of inspiration, I even felt the need to take out my highlighters and highlight stuff on the text (this is improving don’t you think).

It had inspirational quotes and I wrote one on my whiteboard which means that it is a truly inspiring quote.

Be the chage you want to see in the world. – Mathma  Gandhi

I know that this is a quote that so many people always quote but I feel like in this chapter and context it really worked so this is why I deceided to add it here and why I even added it to my whiteboard.

Now for the questions.

  1. What are the top three things that you want to change about yourself?
    1. My looks
    2. The amount of time I currently spend on procrastiantion
    3. Learn to motivate myself even better
  2. What good things have you gained from your struggle with your mental health?
    1. Friends
      • Believe it our not but my struggle with my mental health has brought me many friends. When I started to experience it I created a blog I met Jess for example, because this blog is something that helped me cope with mental health stuff and suddenly I was talking with Jess and so many other people 🙂
    2. A bit more self confidence
      • I wouldn’t say that it’s a hole lot of self confidence but it is something still.
    3. Learning to cope with loss and failure
    4. Knowing that I’m the one who creates the change
  3. What is  the Number One thing that you can do today to improve your life for the better?
    • Stop sitting around and feeling bad about mself and actually start doing things.

This concludes this blog post. I hope you enjoyed and I would like this to be our little safe space so feel free to just connect with me and other readers by leaving a comment down below.

Ann :3