Hello again!

This is the original post that was supposed to come out today (without Better Days post).

My school has been on for a week now and I have come out with some goals for the year.

Why am I posting them here you may ask. There’s a simple reason for that. I want to write them out and I want to come back in the summer and see whether I’ve met them. I’m not going to number them and I will write them on my bullet journal (yes, there is a blog post coming up on that).

  • Be absent aslittle as possible
    • Last year I was absent quite a lot and my grades suffered from that a lot. Now you might be wondering why am I writing now when it should be a schoolday. This is because we have a sports day and I am a bit sick meaning I won’t skip any lessons, which is always good.
  • Try to preplan as much as possible
    • I want to be able to do as litlle during the weekdays as I can. I feel like doing huge projects that I’ve left on the last minute during weekdays is pretty stupid and hard, therefore I’m going to study more on the weekends and less during the week. I’ve blown this up on the first week but I will try this again on during this week/weekend.
  • Rise my overall knowledge on all of the subjects
    • I want to know a bit more of each subject. I feel like there are topics in where I have a very narrow view and I want to widen it. Hopefully it will also rise my grades a bit.
  • Ace my research paper
    • Last time I had to write a research paper I got depressed because there was so much messing with it and I hope I’ve learned from that and that the same thing won’t repeat.
  • Improve my level of English
    • This is more for next year but I want to ace the CAE test next year and I have to start with improving my language now.
  • Step out of my comfort zone
    • I want to get rid of that anxiety of mine because always when I step out of it I gain so much from it

I had one more but I have forgotten it.  But here are all of my goals for this year and I hope I get at least some of them done.