Hello again!

Today we shall be discussing the topic of feeling good. I think feeling good is such a vague explanation. It can be something from having some light shed onto your pretty bad day but it can also be something meaningful, something long lasting and a sign of healing and self love.

Yesterday when I was filling the workbook I was thinking a bit what feeling good means to me and this is what I came up.

First up I need this day of ‘light’, this is usually a day where I see something motivating or when I feel a bit happier than in my normal misery. For example a thing that has happened with this series thing, at first I saw it as a chore but now I can’t wait to write it, the same goes for my blog in general.

I wish the same thing would happen with me and my looks. I usually am motivated for a while and then the setbacks just push me back, which for now has led me to the place where I was a few years ago. It’s the state where I just don’t care and want all of it to just end, to get some peace and enjoy myself and people around me.

  1. In what ways do you know that you are starting to feel well when you are?
    • I start feeling happy about doing the chore that was created in order to make myself happy. For example this series is making me happy.
  2. Do you believe that recovery exists within you when you’re struggling?
    • I do because within struggling I can feel the survival instincts of recovery sometimes kicking in and those are the days of ‘light’.
  3. Give an example of something you do when you are feeling great.
    • I smile a lot more, dress up nicely, talk to people much more, etc. I’m also a lot more extroverted and feel motivated to get things started and also willing to start new things.

This time the questions have been more looking into yourself and trying to make friends with yourself, not just naming random things. I have to admit I liked it a lot more and it was the approach I thought it would be. I hope next week will be the same.

Ann :3