I didn’t forget Better Days for today, don’t worry. This time it will be on time.

The chapter discussed about having fun and how people sometimes forget it when they’re on recovery. I’d say for me it’s the other way around. I feel like sometimes I enjoy myself too much and forget the important things, which makes me sad and not happy with myself.

  1. List three things that you do in your life that are fun and enjoyable
    1. Reading
    2. Gaming
    3. Music, especially making it
  2. When did you last laugh and for what reason?
    • Yesterday, Karl and I were at his place and for some reason we had an “argument” over who should stand up first and this ended up as a tickle fight which then ended up being 15 minutes of continuous laughing.
  3. What are three ways in which your life can improve if you have more fun, more enjoyment, more smiling and more laughter in your life?
    • I feel like this is getting so repetititive but here are my answers.
      1. Knowing what’s important and doing the important things in life aka stopping procrastinating
      2. I would be happier to go out with people without feeling odd or like a no one, also this would create more laughter and such.
      3. Life would be easier because I wouldn’t be so harsh on myself all the time.

I think this is all for now. I feel like this is a bit short but this post isn’t really what I needed right now.