As we all now today is the beginning of October and I thought it would be really nice to say hello to October and goodbye to September by sharing my September favourites with you.

In the future I will have four sections but for now there’s only 3, maybe there will be more to it as I start doing them more often and note more stuff down during the month.

  1. Music
    • Wardruna – here I mean the whole band. I’ve been loving their music this month and this is what I’ve been mostly listening to. I added the whole album and why I added this album is that when I want to binge listen to Wardruna then this is the album I always start with.
    • Sixx:A.M. – Permission – This is a song I rediscovered last month. I don’t know why but somehow the lyrics really worked for me this month.
  2. Random bits and pieces – this is a place where the things that I don’t know where to put go.
    • Halloween cat
      • boo_b_shadow-37193 I couldn’t take my own picture so I found one online but she is so cute in person. I have her on my table next to my laptop so whenever I need motivation, she looks at me with the cute look she has and also I love Halloween so she keeps me in the Halloween spirit all year long.
    • DS and some of the games I got for it.
      • So I bought a Nintendo DSi XL and I got it really cheap. Currently I can play 6 games on in 4 of which are mine. I’m pretty sure by next month I can deceide which of the games is my favourite and when I have deceided that I will let you guys know 😀68722
  3. Memories
    • This month I have a favourite memory. Of course I had many during the month but this is by far the best of them all. This month my band performed live with our own songs. Not with covers but our own actual songs and the night was really amazing. We got so much good feedback and I honestly felt like a celebrity. I wish I had some pictures on me but currently I don’t…

I hope you enjoyed it this month and I promise that next monthi it will be more in depth than right now.

Ann :3