Today I want to tell you about my blogging experiences.

The month of September or actually the ending of September is my 4 year mark on this blog. The blog I have here on WordPress and I would like to discuss my experiences as a blogger and what I’ve been through and such.

So most bloggers start getting their fame after a year or so but that’s when they actually are masters of tagging and making good titles and probably somewhat with the mindset of earning money or getting internet popular with it. I can’t say for sure but this is what I think.

When I first started blogging then I thougth this was something cool and that the big kids used to do. This was the time when blogging was just being introduced to here. I was 8 then and my blogging didn’t really get anywhere, it was more of a game then an actual blog where I shared my thoughts.

Let’s fast forward to 2011ish where I started my first actual blog, this is where I started sharing my thougts and this is where I started to fight with my “demons”. I needed some sort of a relief from my daily life and I wanted to feel okay. So if you want to read that blog then you should be able to find it from my very first blog post in here.

Now why is this blog post called four years and counting. This is simply because in this blog we are celebrating the fourth year of my adventures. If you have stayed here for a while you know that my English can vary, I write about a lot of different things and this is what makes it mine. I’m happy with the blog and I’m really satisfied with what this blog has became.

So let’s celebrate the one place I always feel at home and where I have found my love for literature and writing.

Ann :3