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I feel like my blog has recently became really boring and I only do my better days posts. I know I could always skip a week and write something else instead but I feel like I am drained of ideas of what to write. I do plan to make this post more discussive (have I made up a new word here?) though.

This time the author was discussing on the topic of getting our needs met and how he struggled to explain what his needs were and how he thought they should be met. He also emphasised on working on social skills and told to take it one day at a time.

I have to say that this is one of my most relatable posts in the sense of what the author said in the descriptive part of the chapter. There have been so many arguments with mum and other close people on the very same topic, me not being able to express myself properly. Whenever I don’t know or can’t explain myself to others I just get annoyed and tell them off, that robs my motivation or will to do anything at all and that’s how it goes, usually it ends up just me being unmotivated, unproductive and feeling somewhat sad.

For the questions this week… I feel like they didn’t fit too well with the essence of the message of what the author wanted to say. It feels like there was a gap between writing this chapter and then producing questions to go alongside it.

  1. What are three basic needs that you need or want to better address?
    • My three basic needs mostly go under the category of me not prioritising myself enough. I am the last in the line to be taken care of which shouldn’t be like that. I should be on top of the list.
      1. Taking care of my skin
        • I would like to say that my skin isn’t too bad and it would be pretty easy to cover it up with makeup and not care about it but it’s something I feel like should be done. I want to see my skin be nice again. It has been a while since my skin has at least tried to be clear and I feel like now is the time.
      2. Exercising more
        • You have no idea how much I hate myself for not exercising at all and letting my health get as bad as it is. Every time anyone invites me to activities like that I just back out because of embarassment and I feel like my friends have noticed that too so now they have stopped which is good and bad for me…
      3. Taking time for myself and my basic needs
        • This just mostly means that I should prioritise myself.
  2. What are three helpful wys that we can communicate our needs to a doctor, a staff member, a family member, etc.?
    1. You should stay calm
    2. You should think through what you want and need to say, take notes if necessary also think about the way you’re gonna present these things to your conversation partner
    3. You shouldn’t expect others to immediately understand what you’re feeling, thinking or going through
  3. What do you consider are effective ways to communicate?
    • I feel like the best way to communicate is face to face communication. I feel it’s the easiest way to make yourself understandable for the other coversation partner. They can see your emotions and vice versa, which is really good in trying to get your needs met. The other ways, which are probably really easy for everyone, aren’t as effective. You might misunderstand what the person means and then it’s pretty easy to get into arguments.

So I hope all of you who have stuck around are getting their needs met and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Ann :3