Hello again!

This time the post talked about our lives having value. I don’t have much new to say to this because I feel like this post doesn’t fit here too well. I feel like this topic should’ve been brought up either in the very beginning or more to the end.

I do believe that the shit and the good stuff that happens to our lives is what we are destined to do but I also believe that it’s our choice whether we want to get out of it or what we want to do with it.

Since this topic didn’t give much to me while I was filling out the workbook I have really short answers and right now I can’t be bothered to change them too much.

  1. List two ways that having a mental healt struggle impacts your life
    1. I don’t see the point in trying
    2. I don’t have the strength to even try to do the littlest of things
  2. List two constructive things that you have learned as a result of iving with a mental health struggle
    1. I know I can get back on my feet and do my things even if I am struggling
    2. I don’t have to focus on the minute details since they are not too important if my point is clear an well explained
  3. Name three parts of your life that has great meaning for you?
    1. My physical and mental health
    2. My blog
    3. My band

Some of you might wonder why my love isn’t there on the list and that is because of health, blog and music is what stays but people can leave.

Ann :3