I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing for two weeks. I didn’t really feel like writing but I will make up for it. Since I’m having holidays I will try to write every day to you guys. I have a lot of ideas, some for this blog, some for Lines For the Mind. If I write there then I will add the links to the next post that will happen here, the best idea would be to follow both of these blogs to know when I write.

Today you will get two posts since I was too sleepy to write yesterday. I will write Better Days for today and tomorrow will be Turtle on the other blog. On Thursday I will write to this blog more Better Days and on Friday we shall see whether the post I write will be another creativity project or it will be more real and happen here so basically whether it will be based more on my feelings or creativity. Saturday will of course will be more for Better Days and for Sunday I will talk about some important news.