I’m sorry for not writing. I just want to touch on an important topic which probably is a pretty good indicator that I don’t belong in the social media world to publish my writings and be famous in general.

I feel like I’m not ready to be followed by all of the people and getting all of the replies. Now that I’ve reached to the state where I am happy with the lack of people constantly around me I kind of want the same from my social medias and seeing all the people liking and commenting and trying to make me notice them is kind of annoying me.

When I started this blog I wanted this as a place where we all could communicate but now I get annoyed with people replying to my tweets, especially to the tweets that are meant as statements not conversation starters.

I know it’s pretty weird but this is why I haven’t been that active. I just feel like I’ve lost a part of my privacy so I don’t really know. We shall see what happens.