I’m back with better days. To be completely honest it seems for me to be super repetitive but maybe it does serve a purpose of its own.

Today we are focusing on passing moments. It’s something that happens whether we like it or not but the good thing is that these moments do pass and that we shouldn’t get too stuck into them.

The author was talking about moments where he felt that recovery was useless. That everything was coming back and I can relate to that very well. It’s something I mostly struggle. Then again I struggle with these feelings a bit differently.

Anyways the questions are as follows:

  1. Why do you choose recovery?
    • I chose recovery for others to see that I’m a valuable person. That I matter an that I can achieve my goals if I really want to.
    • It’s mostly to prove myself and to others that I’m a valuable person and that I do things that I’ve promised to do.
  2. Give an example of a time when you felt like giving up and what you did to get through it.
    • So far I’ve only given up then hated myself for doing so and then starting from the very beginning. This time I don’t want setbacks to completely kick me over and I’ve decided to keep on fighting no matter how big the setback is.
  3. List three things that you would like to improve about your life.
    • Health
      • I’ve noticed that the more I work out and feel happier in my body the healthier I am physically and mentally.
    • Confidence
      • I feel like I need to build that confidence to be more open and be more me to the public not just only in my room.
    • Spirituality
      • I feel like this will be a way for me to become a better friend with myself. Being more spiritual is also a thing that will help me achieve my end goal.