I wanted to tell you about something but then I thought it was too private so I’m going to write what I learned from it.

Since the whole story revolves around life desicions. I’m pretty sure that by now you can kind of guess what I’m going to talk about and why I’m doing this during my study time is because I feel like I need to get it out of myself.

It kept torturing me, hurting me and scraping my insides out, probably because I’ve been dwelling on it the whole day but probably because of me doing some things quite recklessly.

I know that in life desicions you can never be sure whether you’re doing the right desicion but then again I also feel like this desicion wasn’t made by me and that I didn’t do it properly. I wasn’t polite about it and I didn’t end it properly. I did what was good for me in that very moment but not what was right in a big plan.

So the lesson what I learned is when making big desicions I should take the time off and  consider and think through everything. It kind of reflects my idea of learning meditation and being able to take time off. At the end of the day I regret my mistake and I think I should’ve thought it more through.

This is all, I hope I don’t end up with such a depressive note.