Hello my wonderful followers! 

Today is an important day. My band DustCloud just released our first song. 

Listen to Insidious Dreams by Dust Cloud https://soundcloud.com/dustcloud_official/insidious-dreams

We also have an instagram https://instagram.com/dustcloud_official (if the link doesn’t work then just search dustcloud_official) and on Facebook you can find us by the name Dust Cloud as well. 

Another thing I wanted to talk about is a few of my ongoing projects. One of them started a week ago,  the other on Saturday. I’m going to start with the older one first. 

A week ago I started a computer graphics course which is awesome.  I know it will add up with my things to do but this is how it is for now and so far I’m loving it. It’s not anything too special but I do love learning it with an actual person not with a computer person from YouTube. 

The project I started on Saturday is about bringing books to children. Also a really interesting charity which enables me to be the person I am and wanna be. 

I know this will be short but I shall write about all of the topics mentioned in depth more with the upcoming posts. 

Right now I just wanted to share it all with you

Ann :3